A Message From Our Director

December 4, 2018
We're forwarding this sad news to you, please:

"Please keep Suellyn & I in your prayers. Epi center of quake was about 2 miles from the house. We faced-timed with a contractor, most of the inside (first floor is trashed) Every thing in fridge and pantry on floor. Living room a mess....many cracks in walls....structural damage yet to be assessed. 7.0 for 60 seconds. Our neighborhood took the brunt of this. Many aftershocks 5.0 and above We fly out on Wednesday for clean up and start insurance process On a brighter note, NO fatalities Feel free to share with Harry and music club members Merry Christmas to all" - Larry & Suellyn

Larry & his new wife (Suellyn) of just 1 year are members of our NCMC Chorus & were here (safely in PA) for our Nov. 25 performance. They spend about a half year at their other home in AK. As you will read, they sustained devastating damage to that home from the recent earthquake & from the 1000+ after-shocks. (Larry also subbed as our rehearsal pianist one Oct. Monday, and he graciously agreed to narrate the texts for our bass soloist who was too ill to join us this season.)

They are such a precious couple. Please keep them in your prayers as they already face a very challenging 2019.

Thank you, & may His sweet peace be w/ them... & w/ you.

-Harry & the Chorus